Research areas

The VIEPS Ar-Ar Laboratory is home to the University of Melbourne Noble Gas Geochronology Research Group, supervised by Prof David Phillips. We primarily conduct research in 40Ar/39Ar geochronology and thermochronology.

Our current areas of research include the inter-calibration of 40Ar/39Ar flux monitor minerals, development of high precision 40Ar/39Ar methods for dating of young (basaltic) volcanoes, geochronology of kimberlites and related rocks, the timing of various ore mineralisation (e.g. gold) events, orogenesis (e.g. Cape Fold Belt) and detrital mineral provenance studies.


We enjoy a large number of productive collaborations with a variety of individuals and organisations (see list of recent peer-reviewed publications on the Noble Gas Geochronology research page). These include universities, geological surveys, other government bodies and industry. Some of our current research projects are in part funded by organisations with similar interests.